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Taking Public Transportation to the Y Block
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Parking on the street is free after 5 pm, but you can also take public transportation to have fun downtown this summer!

To get to the Y Block, take Route 8 from the transfer center at 5 or 5:30 and arrive at the Y Block (bus stop #2227) within five minutes.

If you catch the 6 pm bus from the transfer center, you should take the evening service of the 903 bus and get off the bus at the stop at the corner of Jeferson and Fourth, then walk four blocks to Capitol Avenue.

To get home, catch Route 903 at bus stop #1419 by INB at 8:45 pm to get back to the transfer center.

Visit or scan the QR code for the routes nearest you.

Parking on the street is always free after 5 pm. Currently, the meters are free before 5 pm, but you do need to follow the time limits on the meters prior to 5 pm.

The parking garage at the Hoogland Center of the Arts at 420 S Sixth Street is within walking distance.
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If you don't want to make your own picnic dinner, attendees are encouraged to support local restaurants by picking up takeout on their way to the Y Block. Beverages will be available on site for purchase. There will be two bathroom stations, on 4th and on 5th Streets. 
The Springfield Jaycees are organizing this year's volunteer crew. Volunteers greet the audience when they arrive, give them helpful information and also take surveys. If you'd like to volunteer, email Leah. One of the goals of the Levitt AMP program is to revitalize an underutilized area, like the Y Block, which has gone from parking lot to community gathering spot thanks to this series. Your responses when asked to participate in the survey are helping us craft a vision for the future of the block.

Donate Online

If you'd like to make a financial contribution to the Levitt AMP Springfield concert series, click on the PayPal link below, then select 'Levitt AMP' from the drop-down menu.

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